Shop Tour
My garage is my workshop.  I clean up and put away my tools/machinery prior to
bringing in the cars when my workday is done.   My grinding room was enclosed
to control the dust problem.  However, the size of the room was limited by the
length of my wife's car.  This requires the movement of the disc sander and buffer
to get work done in cramped quarters.   That's an air conditioning unit above my
head to blow cool air into grinding room.  The following pictures reflects my work
Knifemaker and milling machine:   I now realize that purchasing a
milling machine is only a small portion of the cost associated with this
piece of equipment.  However, this machine is necessary to achieve
the desired precision in making folders.  The lock bar on the liner and
recess on scales are cut with this machine.
2x72 inch variable speed Hardcore grinder:  I have purchased various
sized wheels and attachments for this machine. The
system/dust collector
is utilized when grinding steel and handle
material.  The
water trough is used to reduce the occurrence of fires
when grinding titanium.  The duct is disconnected to allow fumes,
generated while cutting titanium, to be sucked out of the room.  The
disc sander and buffer are located on shelves behind door on the left.
Milling machine and 14" band saw:  The band saw is used primarily to
cut steel bars, titanium sheets, and handle material.
Storage cabinet for belts in a variety of grits, handle material,
miscellaneous pieces of equipment, steel bars, and smaller titanium
Storage boxes for blade coupons and titanium frame and scales.  Dust
next to floor model drill press.  Belt cabinet and household junk
in plastic storage boxes.
Tapmatic on small drill press:  This is a must have when making folders
that utilize small screws.  Note to future knife makers:  if a tap/drill bits
breaks in a piece of titanium, placing it in a tray of ferric chloride from
Radio Shack for about 24 hours, will dissolve the steel without any
effect on the titanium.
A piece of plywood placed on top of an extended cabinet drawer
serves as
my worktable.  There is  a small sand blasting cabinet stored in
back of cabinet.
Drill presses mounted on top of rolling cabinet and compressor.  The
height of the drill press tables is perfect for working while standing.  
Wish I had room for more drill presses.  Ideally, a drill press set up for
the spotting bit, pilot hole bit, desired size hole bit, and a reamer would
make for an efficient operation.  A
granite block, mounted on the base
of drill press, is used to keep everything flat.