Keith Ouye Knives
Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.  This website was created to
provide some background about myself and to display my knives to all interested
parties.  I was born and raised on the island of Hawaii but currently reside in
Hawaii Kai on the island of Oahu.   I spend most of my day working on my knives.  
In my earlier life, I worked for Verizon (Hawaiian Telephone Company) for 32
years and retired in December 2001.

With assistance and guidance from Stan Fujisaka, I started to make fixed blades
in early 2004.  By the end of 2004, I also started making folders.  I began making
knives full time in 2005.  The first knife show I participated in was the OKCA show
in April 2005.  My knives are primarily directed towards the tactical market but I
also make hunting knives to sell at the local gun shows.  

I currently utilize ATS 34, S30V, and CPM 154 stainless steel for my folder and
fixed blades.  Folder handles are made of titanium.  Handle materials for fixed
blades are micarta, G10, and stabilized woods.   I also plan on utilizing VG-10 and
ZDP 189 steel that I purchased during a recent visit to Seki City, Japan.  

My folders are about 9 inches overall and blades are made from .125 inch stock.  I
recently started making a few smaller folders to expand my market.  These
smaller knives are about 7.5 inches overall.  My folding knives are all flippers and
have a pocket clip that allows the knife to sit low in the pocket.  Engravings on my
knives are primarily done by C.J. Cai ( who conveniently lives
in my neighborhood.  Recently, I have also utilized the services of Bruce Shaw to
engrave some of my folders.  My fixed blades are made of 5/32 and 3/16 stock.

I work out of my garage with just the basic tools to make my knives.  I have a
Hardcore grinder, Jet milling machine, 14” band saw, two disc sanders, a buffer
and several drill presses.  Heat treating of my blades is done by Paul Bos.  Except
for the screws, dowels, standoffs, and pivots, I fabricate the rest of the knife

The challenge of making a knife, from putting an idea down on paper to the
manual labor of fabricating each piece, keeps me interested in knife making.  
Also, knife making provides me with an opportunity to express myself in creating
a tool that hopefully will be around for a very long time.   Being selected for the
Blade Magazine, March 2006 issue, as one of five “Makers to Watch in 2006” was
an honor that I hope to justify.  

The price of my knives will vary with the embellishment.  Please contact me
regarding the style you may be interested in and I will be happy to provide you
with pricing information.  I currently do not take orders but will respond to your
inquiries regarding the availability of specific styles.  Each folder is sold with a
storage case and fixed blades are sold with a leather sheath and Sack-up sleeve.